Flushing_Meadows_Corona_Park_by_TheoSchacht.jpgWhen the weather gets warm, its great time to go out over to flushing meadow Corona Park enjoy the nature or just simply hang out with family and friends. It is the keystone park of Queens; a recreation and cultural center for the community. Since 1939 Corona Park once was an ash dumping place. In 1939-1940 the world’s fair was held in Flushing Meadow Corona Park twice. In 1964-1965 the second world’s fair, the two towers dominate the park, which also feathered in Men In Black. Corona Park is surrounded by high ways and so it is very easy to get there by car, train and walk are also accessible.

What You Can Do?
Flushing Meadows Corona Park is one and a half times the size of Manhattan's Central Park. It is so big that play host to the New York Met at Citi Field (was called Shea Stadium) and US open tennis. Flushing Meadow Corona Park is the largest park in Queens, 1,255 acres includes athletic fields, landscaped meadows, lakes, fountains, playgrounds, stadia, museums and a zoo. Corona Park majored in athletic fields; there you could find all kinds court for any sport; ice skate center, soccer field, basketball court, tennis court, baseball field…etc. Corona Park is also a great place for family gathering; Thousands of visitors who come for weekend picnics, strolls, festivals, and other activities.