Business in Flushing
Since the economic blight of the 1970s, Flushing increasingly prosperous Chinese and Korean communities have grown to be the major groups. Flushing is now a large retail area; the business in flushing reflects the diversity cultural of the community itself. Main Street is the center business region in Flushing. Down town Flushing is a great place to shop and hang out. Here has so many restaurant, shopping stores, cafes and bakeries.
Queens Crossing Mall:

Queens Crossing opened in 2008, catering to the increasingly affluent Chinese and Korean immigrants, and especially to second generation Asian-American families. it contains; store, shops, restaruant and Bar-lounge.
flushing-mall.jpgFlushing Mall: Flushing Mall has lots of small shops that sells everything including jewelry, art, toys, and cell phones. pluse the first floor there is a food court and offices for community organizations. Although people from all over the New York City shop at the mall, the main customer are Chinese. Many stores stock items are or clothes tailored are from East Asians as well.
Chinese Herbalist: One of the longest established herbalists in Flushing is Shun An Tong Health Herbal Co. they have ginseng, mushrooms, shark's fin, and other traditional medicines all in readiness.
Magic Castle: This is a Korean pop culture store that sells toys, stickers, and much more. They also have pop music hits from Korea on CD. For teenage girls they got low-priced jewelry, hair clips.
Dim Sum in Flushing: There is many place to eat dim sum in flushing, it is like the Chinese brunch of snakes and tea to relax on weekend morning.

Bubble Tea Cafes in Flushing: Bubble tea is very famous and popular amount the teens and young adults, it is so popular that most cafe and bakeries have it. It goes by many names and many flavors. The two most popular bubble tea cafes are Quicky and Kong Fun Tea.